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Article 1: General conditions

SALOMON SAS, having its registered office at Les Croiselets, 74370 Metz Tessy, France, Postal address: 74996 ANNECY CEDEX 9, France, registered on the Annecy Commercial and Trade Register under N° 325 820 751 (hereafter “SALOMON”) is organizing a free Contest on named SALOMON TV DREAM TRIP “the Contest”.

Participation in the Contest implies that participants accept the provisions of these regulations. Any participant who do not accept the provisions of these regulations or who act in a fraudulent or unfair manner (to be determined at the sole discretion of SALOMON) may be excluded from the Contest at any time.

The Contest will open on November 15th, 2017 at 16 pm (GMT + 1:00, Paris), and close on January 1st, 2018 at 4pm (GMT + 1:00, Paris) (hereafter “the Contest Period”). Any entries sent and / or received after the closing time and date will not be considered.

Article 2: Conditions of participation

Entry to the Contest is free and no purchase is necessary to enter or win.

The Contest is open to participants (hereinafter referred to as “Participants”) who must be of the legal age in their country of residence and who must live in any countries except Italy.

Each participant is allowed to participate only one time during the Contest Period. In the case of multiple or successive entries, in particular through the use of several e‐mail addresses by the same person, all entries from that person will be excluded and considered invalid.

The Contest is not open to anyone who does not meet the conditions referred to above or to directors, executives and staff of SALOMON or of any company that is under its control or that controls it or to anyone involved in the implementation and promotion of the prize draw and / or the Contest or to any members of their families (of any age). SALOMON reserves the right to request that all Participants provide proof of the entry conditions. Anyone failing to fulfill the entry conditions or refusing to provide proof of them will be excluded from the Contest and may not claim the prize in the event that she/he wins it.

In order to participate, the Participants must have access to the internet and have a valid email address. Participants may enter the Contest on the website:

Article 3: Principles of the Contest

Participants may only enter the Contest by submitting their form along with all the compulsory information, in accordance with instructions set out online. In addition, in order to validate their entry, Participants have to expressly and fully accept all the provision of these regulations by ticking the appropriate box.

Information about identity, address, quality or other information mentioned in the form is binding for the Participants. Any false entry will lead to disqualification. Moreover, any entry form which does not comply with the regulations can be invalidated by SALOMON at its sole discretion.

Participants can increase their chance to be selected by submitting the links to their social profiles (facebook, instagram or other social networks) on appropriated fields on their form or by using the official hashtag #FreeskiDreamTrip when they publish their best photos and videos on their social profiles (facebook, instagram or other social networks). Participants declare and warrant that:

  • the photos and videos they provide SALOMON represent at least themselves;
  • the photos and videos made are their full ownership and won’t harm any third part’s right;
  • all necessary written authorizations to use the videos and photos have been obtained.

Article 4: Prize The winner will receive:

  • An all expenses paid trip (of at least 3 days) to join SALOMON TV crew at the winner’s dream location (as mentioned in his form) during which the winner will have the opportunity to run with the athlete of his dream (as mentioned in his form) it is stated that given the nature of the prize, it’s not possible to give a value of it. The whole trip will be filmed and used for an episode of Running TV.
  • A SALOMON soft goods package with the total retail price value of 1 500€. In addition, SALOMON will pay for: ‐ the accommodation for the nights of the trip (double room)
  • the meals during the trip
  • transport (return ticket second or economy class) from the winner’s home to trip destination (the market value of the transport is not included in the prize) SALOMON will not pay for: drinks, personal expenses and gratuities, costs of the winner’s transportation from his home to the nearest railway station or the nearest international airport.

Prize may not be exchanged for its cash value, nor may they be exchanged or replaced. If, due to circumstances beyond its control, SALOMON is not able to provide the stated prizes, it reserves the right to replace them with other prize of equivalent value.

The Winner is solely responsible for the reporting and payment of any applicable taxes on the Prize or any portion of the Prize.

Article 5: Contest results and winner

At the end of the Contest, after January 1st, 2018, Salomon TV Team will select 10 (ten) potential winners based on the originality and feasibility of their dream trip and if any on the content they have provided via photo, videos and/or other social networks. Salomon TV Team shall determine winner eligibility in its sole and absolute discretion. All decisions made by the judges are final.

Then, during the first week of January 2018, winner will be announced. The winner will be informed by phone (at the number he has indicate on the entry form) by Salomon TV Team. If the winner does not answer the phone call within 24 hours, he will be considered of having waived his Prize and Salomon TV Team will draw another Winner and so on until one of the potential Winner answer the phone and accept the terms of travel.

Moreover in order to validate his Prize, the final Winner shall:

  • Be available to leave on won trip from February 1st to 15th, 2017
  • provide SALOMON within 24 hours with the following information:
    • copy of his certificate of insurance (individual guarantee accident and liability toward third parties);
    • copy of his unexpired identity card or passport ;
    • signed declaration and release form confirming compliance with the Contest Rules and acceptance of the Prize as offered; acknowledging the non‐responsibility of SALOMON, and their respective agents with respect to injuries, accident, loss or misfortune relating to the Prize; and acknowledging the right of SALOMON and their respective agents' to publish or broadcast the Winner's picture, videos, name and statements without charge or further compensation other than the Prize offered.
    • any other information required to deliver the Prize; If the Winner does not provide the above mentioned information within 24 hours, he will be considered of having waived his Prize and the Prize will be awarded to another Winner on the waiting list. Any inaccurate, late, false or incomplete information or information non compliant with the rules herein will not be considered and will lead to disqualification. Only the receipt of the required documents and information by SALOMON shall be determining The name of the Winner will be available on January 8th, 2018 on SALOMON Freeski Facebook page ( no later than.

Article 6: Required equipments

In order to enter and participate in the competition, players must have access to the following:

  • A personal computer (PC or Mac) with a specification equivalent to or higher than the following: 1000 MHz processor, 256 MB of RAM, using Windows XP or 7 for PCs, Mac OS X for Macs.
  • A web browser (IE 7.0 or above, Firefox 2.0 or above, Chrome 10.0 or above). SALOMON cannot be held liable for any malfunction resulting from the use of browsers other than those designated above.
  • To enter the competition Participants must install the Flash Player Plug‐in version 8.0 or above or the Java Plug in 5.0 or above for your browser. Participants who do not have these plug‐in and do not wish to download them will not be able to access the Contest. It is specified that web users who do not have these plug‐in may nevertheless download them from Adobe website for the Plug in Flash or from Java website for the Plug in Java, accessible via a direct links from this website. As the SALOMON does not produce these IT programs, it declines all responsibility, which the Participant accepts, for any development fault, operating fault, and incompatibility with other IT programs installed on the hard drive of the Participant's computer, or loss or corruption of data belonging to the Participant. (Adobe ® and Flash TM are trademarks or trademarks registered by Adobe Inc in the United States and / or in other countries).

Article 7: Conditions for refund of entry fees

No financial outlay is required to participate in the Contest. Expenses related to participation in the Contest shall be refunded upon request sent by post to the following address: SALOMON SAS, Les Croiselets, Metz Tessy ‐ 74996 ANNECY Cedex 9, France. Refund requests sent by e‐mail will not be considered. The refund of expenses arising from participation in the contest is subject to the following conditions:

  • Refund requests must be made no later than 2 months (60 calendar days) after the Contest closing date. Refund of internet access and photocopying expenses is limited to one entry per person (same first name, surname, postcode and date of birth) and by draw.
  • Any participant wishing to claim a refund should provide their first name, surname, postal address and e‐mail address on the written refund request. The participant should also state the date the Contest was entered and enclose a photocopy of their identity card, a copy of the breakdown of their telephone and / or internet service provider bill (for participants using a modem), as well as their bank or post office account details and proof of photocopying expenses.

Any request that is incomplete, incorrect or sent to the wrong address will not be considered. No refund request sent by email will be taken into account

For participants using a broadband internet connection:

  1. The refunded amount is set at a fixed sum of 0.61 Euros.
  2. No further refund is possible given that no other financial outlay is required. Broadband Internet subscriptions cover general use of such services and, consequently, participation in the Contest / prize draw does not incur any further expenses.

Postage costs incurred by the winners when sending proof of identity will be refunded upon request sent by post enclosed with the supporting documents, at the applicable 2nd class rate for a 20g letter.

Article 8: Rights of use

The winner authorizes, with no request for compensation in whatever form, SALOMON, as well as any subsidiaries and any company that is under its control or that controls it, successors, licensees, assignees and present and future subcontractors, by mere acceptance of the prize, to determine, use and commercialize all or part of the information provided, in particular his/her first and surnames, place of residence for all advertising, promotion or marketing purposes directly or indirectly related to the Contest and / or relating to SALOMON’s competition (including all types of promotion in particular PR operations, interviews, press information packs, articles, press releases and cross‐promotion) on any medium known or developed to date, in particular paper, audiovisual, electric, electronic or magnetic, without such use granting any rights other than the prize won.

This authorization is valid worldwide for a period of 5 (five) years.

Article 9: Limits of Responsibility

SALOMON shall accept no responsibility whatsoever if, in the case of force majeure or events beyond its control or out of justified necessity, it is obliged to cancel, curtail, defer, postpone or amend the conditions of the said prize draw and / or Contest, its responsibility will not be invoked in such circumstances.

In all events it reserves the right to prolong the length of the Contest. In particular, SALOMON accepts no responsibility should the website ( become unavailable during the duration of the operation or if the information provided by Participants should be destroyed for any reason beyond its control.

SALOMON declines all responsibility for incidents relating to computer use, Internet access, telephone lines or any other technical incident during or after accessing the SALOMON website.

SALOMON is not responsible for errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, operating or transmission faults or delays, communication breakdowns, theft, destruction, unauthorized access or amendments to entries. Participation in the Contest implies knowledge and acceptance of the nature and limitations of the Internet, particularly concerning technical performance or response times for accessing, examining or transferring information, risk of interruption, and more generally, the inherent risks of any connection to and transmission of information over the Internet, the lack of protection of certain data against any possible diversions and the possible risk of contamination by any viruses which may be present on the network.

It is specified that SALOMON cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage from any interruption or malfunction whatsoever, suspension or the end of the Contest, for any reason whatsoever or from any direct or indirect damage which may occur, in any way whatsoever, from logging on to the website. Each Participant takes responsibility for taking all appropriate measures to protect their own data and / or software stored on their computer equipment against any external violation or attack. Accessing the Website and participation in the Contest is entirely the responsibility of the individual Participant.

SALOMON reserves the right to take legal action against any fraudulent person or anyone attempting to commit fraud. It shall not incur responsibility of any kind with regard to players in the event of any fraud being committed.

SALOMON may cancel all or part of the Contest if it appears that fraud has taken place in any form whatsoever, particularly computerized, in the context of participating in the Contest or determining the winners. In such an event, it reserves the right not to award prizes to fraudsters and / or to take legal action against any fraudsters before the competent jurisdictions.

SALOMON is not responsible of the sport activities or other activities done by the Winner during the Prize which are not organized by SALOMON; it is the own liability of the Winner or of the organizer of those activities.

The winner undertakes to respect all the security rules that will be given to him by the driver of the SALOMON assistance car and the regulations of the bicycle road race (taking pictures is forbidden.....).

Article 10: Data protection

In the context of the prize draw and Contest, SALOMON collects information about the Participants, in order to validate entries and contact the winners.

Pursuant to the Act of 6 January 1978 also known as the Computer Data and Freedom Act, any Participant has the right to access, rectify and remove data concerning them. In order to do so, Participants may contact customer services at the following address: SALOMON SAS – Les Croiselets ‐ Metz Tessy ‐ 74996 ANNECY‐ Cedex 9, France.

Article 11: Availability of the regulations

The regulations can be obtained in full and free of charge from SALOMON, at the above address, restricted to a single copy per participant (same address and surname), to any individual who requests them for the entire duration of the Game.

The regulations can also be viewed on the registration page of the Game.

Article 12: Complaints, disputes and interpretation

The Contest and these regulations have been drawn up and interpreted pursuant to the French laws in force. If one or more provisions of these regulations are declared void or inapplicable, the other clauses shall retain their force and scope.

Any objection pertaining to the Contest or these regulations must be submitted in writing, within ninety (90) days from the Contest closing date, to the following address: SALOMON SAS ‐ Les Croiselets, Metz Tessy ‐ 74996 ANNECY Cedex 9, France ‐ for the attention of the legal department.

In the event of any dispute, complaint or disagreement relating to the prize draw, Contest or these regulations, the opposing parties shall attempt to reach an amicable settlement. If the parties do not succeed in reaching an amicable settlement, the disagreement shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court where the defendant is resident.


The winner will win an all expenses paid trip to join the Salomon TV crew at the location of their dream. In addition, the winner will receive a Salomon outerwear and hard goods package.

We will choose one lucky winner to join them somewhere in the world in February 2018.

Enter before January 1st, 2018. A winner will be selected shortly after the contest closes. Make sure your phone is nearby as the winner will be contacted by Salomon TV Director Mike Douglas. You don’t want to miss the call.